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Every month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


This power house and soul on fire is a perfect example why I’m convinced that we’ll have hope for the future. She makes fierce and vulnerability coexist so easily. A golden example and inspiration how to be active and still let yourself feel through the process, how to be personal but still understand the power and value of community, how to be the voice and still human in all its beauty. It’s the honesty in her that moves me, it makes me wanna tap into my own inner power and join forces. We need creative, limitless minds like her to lit the fire in all of us and start working our way towards a better, more compassionate, inclusive and equal future. If you don’t know her yet – now is the time!


Ajak Majok | dancer, dance teacher, creative mind, writer, activist, politician


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

My name is Ajak Majok, and I’m a freelancer at creative fields, and I do some “real work” as a salesperson. This means I dance, teach dance, create fashion, do Stand up, and write. Oh and I do some politics, hopefully more in the future.


2. What made you fall in love with dance?

Love for the movement of the body, and the rhythm of the beat made me fall in love with dance. I was raised as Sudanese as possible growing up in Finland. Which meant never ending parties quite too often, and dancing all the time. Everywhere. Dance is the way my people live and express love for life, so it has always been a love of my life in a sense.

3. How does dance and activism work together in your everyday life?

I describe activism to myself as a series of acts towards an ethically shared goal. The core thing about activism, to me, is never ending movement. An effort to not stay still, in whichever non desired structural behavior or so, but not to stay still. To me dance is the same. Dance is movement of the body, the spirit, emotions, and/or the sound. Nowadays politics occupy most of my time, so I’t has become my way of being an activist. Whenever – which is every hour and a half or so, my body starts to ache I “cure” it by dancing a little. It gets my energy flowing and it gives me the power to keep acting towards a better future for us.


4. What made you activate in the politics?

Too much injustice that I saw being inflicted on people through political decisions. I’m talking about putting people in the second degree level of education, in an unequal position because of massive budget cuts on mainly vocational studies. I’m talking cruel racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia – in the parliament with massive affects on us, but non to very little to the perpetrators. It’s quite dark to say, but anger activated me. But it is hope that makes me want to keep acting, hope and the trust in all of us that we can do better. And when we just get the silenced and the allies to find their voices and use it, we will rise.


5. How would you describe yourself as a politician?

Intense. There is a funny story behind this; I attended a public debate a few days ago, and someone from my team told me afterwards ” Ajak you nailed it, everybody could see all your emotions and micro aggression from your face, but that’s you and it was awesome!” It’s funny because in my head I restrained myself, and kept a pokerface the whole time. But yeah. When I speak about something it means a shit ton to me, and I’ll go through rain and storm to make a change on the matters I am passionate about.

6. What kind of futuropia would you dream of?

My futuropia is intersectional AF. It’s very simple; in my futuropia everybody are respected for who and what they are, humans animals and nature. Everybody has all the necessities of a good life, and there is no gazillionaires. For me personally, I could dream of the things that I want to do in life, without having to think about the most violent – non stop bullshit of my life, racism. It’s a bit sad that it’s so simple.

7. What gives you lyfe right now?

Rants give me LYFE! I love ranting, and expressing myself in a such bold way. Also memes. Always memes. This intro about me has been a bit on the sad and dark side, but really I’m quite full of joy most of the time. That is because I rant all the shit away. Also sometimes I use a lot of curse words. Do as I say, not as I do kids 😄 And once more – memes.

8. Any good tips to survive the cold in Helsinki?

This is hella unprofessional and I think I’m breaking all of the unwritten rules of politics- that I don’t know of yet. But whenever I’m feeling a little chilly, I listen to the National Coalition parties outputs. Heats up my blood real good. As I’m writing this our minister of interior – form Kokoomus, is planning on re-colonizing Africa with most of the other EU partners. I’m writing an intense and looong rant about it so people will see- or not, why I say what I say.
Cover photo: @shoothayley
Profile photo: Remu Karhulahti

Daydreaming as a practice

They said it might be harmful, dangerous even.

I say it is life giving and vital.

And I’m excited that there is more and more new research backing my feels up.

I’ve always been a daydreamer. When life got particularly challenging couple of years (maybe more) back it was the only thing I had energy for. I literally stayed in bed for hours, sometimes days and just daydreamed what I wanted to do when I’ll have myself somehow together again and when I’ll have energy, courage and self-reliance again. It took some time. More than I had planned on. I can actually see a little sinkhole on my mattress today reminding me of all the heavy dreaming that I’ve done in my resent past. Mostly sitting in my bed, under the covers and staring out of the window or just the opposite wall.

For me it wasn’t like I didn’t try (I’m pretty sure we all actually try our hardest all the time, even though it doesn’t look or feel always like it). But every time I tried to outrun myself, hurry to be ready to jump on all those things and ideas I’d been daydreaming of – the time just wasn’t right. My body responded instantly. I got fatigued and needed to crawl back to my daydream-pit to sit with all these impulses rising inside just a little longer.

Little by little my body and especially my spirit started to recover again. It needed all that rest. And it most definitely needed all that dreaming. You see when you let your mind wander it goes to places you didn’t even know exists. If you give yourself time to actually just daydream without an instant meaning or purpose it will find a new one, something that might be life altering for you.

We complain that we don’t have time for anything these days but what we actually are missing is the dreaming. Maybe because it’s also scary. Maybe it will show you something you weren’t ready for? Maybe it will show you a new path of life? Of how you work? Or with who you might actually want to spend your time with? Maybe it will show you your new calling or tell you that you’ve been living a lie? But would you rather not know though?

I count myself lucky that I didn’t have any other choice but to sit in my daydream-pit and wander. It felt useless and partly horrible at that time. I felt that I was stuck and it would be easier to just vanish. It’s hard to be useless, unproductive these days when it’s coded so deeply in our system to act otherwise. But what was really happening for me was kind of a rebirth. I’m pretty sure that before butterflies break out of their cocoon, they just daydream about their colours, wings and how they’ll get only TENS ACROSS THE BOARD when they’ll get out. And when they’re ready they’ll transform and let themselves be free.

My daydreaming has always somehow been connected with my intuition. They work together as a pretty damn good team. I can feel new path unfolding and now I know I’ll have the courage to say yes. I already did. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary, it just means I’ll do it anyway.




Photos: Roza Coco Ahmad


To my moving body – my fluid home

I feel like I’ve been in a passageway.

Gone through some transformation rite.

I’ve tried to write about it, vocalise it, somehow articulate it but I just haven’t had any words for this yet. I strongly feel though that now it’s the time that I’m gonna try or at least begin to try to open this process up. Little by little. So wish me luck.

I’ve danced since I was two, probably even earlier. Since that I didn’t stop until shitty things and life situations made me revalue my life completely. So I stopped. Quit. Went on strike. Looking back I feel that I could’ve done that even earlier but I’ve come to trust divine timing so I won’t should’ve/could’ve/would’ve anymore. The strike started couple of years ago and lasted for a while. Until last spring to be exact. Those who have ever suffered anxiety, trauma, depression etc. might get the gist what I mean with this revaluation but also I think all of us go through these rites in our lives where you need to stop and regather yourself even without traumatic events – situations where you need to decide all over what path to take and reconsider the choices you’ve made or are about to make. So maybe this also resonates with you, dear reader.  I’m not so interested on my past anymore (which is a good thing for a change) rather than what it made me realise and also release. I have to say though that I’ve recently found myself in place in my life where I can honestly say that I’m grateful for the struggle, even the horrific moments – I’m grateful for all the obstacles and suffering that made me come back to myself over and over again. Because that was all I had. That’s actually all we’ll ever have and that’s also the only relationship that truly matters but you already probably knew that. I didn’t. Now I do.

That also means the relationship with your body, your vessel of being, your spaceship, your temple, home and the only thing that you’ll actually own here in this life journey – this human experience. When shit happens in our life we might get disconnected from ourselves and also from our bodies. When we start to come back to ourselves the body will remember forever what happened. Even if we don’t. Even if we think that we’ve forgotten already. Our bodies carry everything that has ever happened to us in its memory. These couple of years has taught me that if I want to heal and learn from the struggle it also means I need to rewire my body and practice to release with concrete movement and self care methods (more about that in another blog post I promise) – every single day. So that’s where I began and it felt like learning to walk again.

Funny thing about relearning stuff – there is no space for new revelations to rise unless you make space for it. For me that happened only by releasing and by letting go. And it also meant to let go of something I’ve done since the dawn of days – I had to let go of dancing and me identifying as a professional of anything related to dance and/or dance field. I was in the process of  “heavy release” anyways so it happened kind of organically I think but never the less it was a huge deal – to let go of something that I’ve based almost my whole identity and also my income on. I’m by the way still in this “heavy release” process but I think now it’s more like a daily practice that I use and now it has become like movement and body practice among mental and spiritual one.

I needed that time off. I needed to have the feeling of every meaning, storyline, assumption and attribute to melt away. I needed to shed my skin. Over and over. It felt like peeling off layers. Getting too stuck with the build identity was toxic for me. Not only because of my past but mainly because it got me stuck in this old story that I felt I couldn’t relate to and that weren’t true for me anymore. To not do things that was connected to that storyline anymore I cut myself free from all the false and toxic meanings it had created. That release got me back my power to start from fresh, gave me the courage to look at my life from clear new perspective and start to rewrite my story from more honest place.

I want to point out that now that I’m trying to put my process in to words it might look like it was a neat forward going path but in reality it was pretty chaotic and super messy. It took a shit load of work, energy and time to get in to this point where I can at least somehow describe my journey. I’m still in the middle of it for sure and I know that life will always remain as a work-in-progress but I love that somehow in the middle of the mess it also starts to make sense somehow. On its own weird way.

Back to that “heavy release” process – I started to little by little invite movement back to my life. First it was mainly yoga and such, also a lot of singing and creating with voice (more music coming up btw!) and then after an year or so a bit of improvisation, intuitive and authentic movement practices. It still was a long way to get back in the “work mode” as a dance artist. I guess the main events in this progress was the realisations of me coming back to myself, the first times I felt I was having my own back and raising my voice to back myself up and the realisation of my fluid identity (body & gender). Like I said I’m still in the middle of the process but I strongly feel that it’s good for me as a human being but also as an artist to learn to open up again and to reconnect with outer world with my voice and also with my work. This writing is also a practice of that. So thank You for reading this and letting me share my process even though it’s still very undone.

That brings me to this day (kinda straight forward I know but I’ll go into details more in the future, little by little, baby steps u know). I’m currently working as a professional dancer in an upcoming performance “The Base of the Fire” which will premier in Turku, Finland 7th of April. I’m also moving back to Berlin to work more with movement and performance. So excited to continue my work with interdisciplinary ways. I just took part in this incredible workshop in Eden studios with Christine Bonansea and that was actually also my first audition ever. I was blown away about the level of sharing and inspiration that I got from the whole group. I always thought auditions as competitive and forced events but this was something totally else. It’s a magical thing when artists come together to share and when you cross paths with people who know how to create and hold space for you to rediscover your power and knowledge all over again! I’ve found that all these moments of connection have started to create a new self-reliance and spirit in me. New kind of fire is kindling in me and I can’t wait to see what it will throw on my way next.

Ok, so this was the beginning part of a practice of me learning to open up my process of being and working. I’ll leave you with these precious moments captured on film and wish you fulfilling weekend with your bodymindsoul! The story will continue soon.






Photo: Evgenia Chetvertkova


Photo: Evgenia Chetvertkova



Something precious is bubblig under.

More to come.



December 2018 inspo



Every month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


For years I’ve wanted to vocalise more about the people I get to work with now and in my past. I’ve wanted give back, give shout outs and credit for the hard work and effort these people have given me when we’ve co-created some amazing shit and made magic happen. We are living in a time where everything goes pass so quickly. Things we work with takes so much energy and time and when they are released in our collective realm it’s just a flicker and they are gone. It’s easy to forget how much it takes to create and make things happen. All content have serious (wo)man power behind them. Even when we’re stuffed with info and inspos – all of it still has someones heart and soul pressed in it – the music we listen, photos we gather in our dream boards, videos and films we watch, books/articles/poems we read all of them are made by someone and usually with a lot of energy, time, heart and soul. And when talked about heart and soul – this dude is all that. We are almost sister and brother, we share a long history with many many stories but it was just two years ago that we actually started working together. Since that I’ve had the privilege to get to know the artistic side of him. He’s a true visionary, silent wizard and one of the most hard working creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of know and work with. Things he makes resonates far and because of his humbleness you might have missed that what moved you, stuck with you and inspired you was actually from this ones heart and soul. If you don’t know his work yet – the time is now!

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 17.28.55.jpeg

Jukka Moisio | cinematographer, film artist, director


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

Who am I? Many things, depending on the point of view. I’m working mostly as a freelance cinematographer on commercials, but sometimes on music videos, short films, documentaries or on video art. I also now and then direct music videos and commercials. I have also worked with TV productions, feature films and in production companies as a lighting technician, gaffer, editor and assistant camera in the early days of my career. I took small steps forward after I graduated and moved from Tampere to Helsinki. Five years ago I moved to Stockholm and a few years later moved back to Helsinki. This autumn I started as a entrepreneur and now work with different production companies in various short-term projects.  If I put it in few words; I love films – short, feature, documentary, art, commercial and music films – film in all variations!


2. What made you fell in love with film?

I’ve always felt big feelings through what I see and hear. I’ve always been quite bad at addressing my thoughts and feelings verbally and seen them visually clear in my head. So it’s been a good way  to communicate some things through film and also visualize what I read or hear. I go through so many feelings when I watch movies and videos. I feel it’s a safe place to process different feelings on the other side of the screen, also the bad ones.


3. What is your ideal setting for film making?

When there’s a good story; an idea or a vision, the setting is what suits to that. There isn’t a setting that fits to everything. And sometimes a setback can be a good accident and you can turn it to your advantage.  I like working with good people, who are passionate and ready to learn new things and that’s the ideal setting, because film making is always teamwork and when you’ve got a good team everything will work out great!


4. What has been the most ground breaking piece you’ve ever seen?

I can’t name just one. I’ve seen so many mind blowing movies in my life and nowadays I feel impressed and mind blown by some music videos and commercials. Latest piece that gave me a wow-moment was Rosalía – Malamente music video from the director collective named CANADA. Also director duo and artist The Blaze have done some great pieces and Hiro Murai never fails, his latest work “This is America” is great in many ways.


5. How important is music and sound to you as a visual artist?

Music is lyfe!!! I love music and I’m fanatic.
I like to use a lot of sounds in my videos and use editors that do that as well. That’s always really important in film and using sound and music or silence is as important in film than the visual part of it.


6. What is your next move?

My new entrepreneurship is my priority number one at the moment in work and I’m looking forward to new projects.


7. Any recommendations how to survive this darkness upon us right now?

Watch movies, go see art, go abroad and meet friends and share your feelings with them. And also changing everyday routines gives me energy and inspiration to do things.



Katti Meu – Viisaus



September inspo


Every end of the month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


Since we were kids I’ve always admired the depth of this one. She’s been my forest sister, energy partner and a role model. The frequencies she’s at are something else, another level you might say. The stories she’s full of will amaze you. An oracle, prophet, an inspiration. Take a look and stay tuned for her up coming work.  I wouldn’t miss this.


Tuuti Piippo | writer, storyteller, visual artist

1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

That’s what I ask myself every day! The answers keep changing, though. I haven’t found a box that fits during the soon 33 years I’ve been here on Earth (except maybe ’consciousness moving around in a complex and hilarious skin suit’). Okay, but: I have spent a lot of time telling stories. I studied journalism and creative leadership, used to make magazines, and have published a couple of nonfiction books. I’ve worked in games and health tech in Helsinki and San Francisco and sometimes speak publicly about people who are creating the future. I have edited books, helped other authors to write them, translated one, and somehow become a partner at a publishing company. I’ve also been taking photos and playing with the arts for as long as I can remember, and that has become an even clearer passion, direction and channel of expression lately.

2. What does storytelling mean to you?

Plunging right into the deep end, I see. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools ever created. You can turn your worst failure into an epic growth journey by telling the story from a different perspective.

Besides being my craft and life’s work, I think stories are how we make sense of the world and what we are built of as human beings, no less. I see us as a kind of storytelling species. Our brain creates narratives continuously, and they’re usually pretty much fiction. It’s nature’s genius to build beings this way, because we remember stories and learn through them really well. That also means that stories are incredibly persuasive. Knowing this, I try to be mindful of the stories I tell myself every day, the ones I read/hear/watch, and especially the ones I tell others. They carry meanings, values and feelings on so many levels in a way that’s very tempting for our brain to just believe and lock onto. I think that’s why humans have preserved knowledge through stories since ancient times.

I really love mythology and would just dive deep into the world of creation myths and epic poetry of different cultures forever if I could. It’s extremely fascinating how we can step into anyone’s experience through a carefully crafted story. It’s such a holistic way of transmitting consciousness from one being to another, sometimes through millennia.

3. What is an ideal place to write?
I’ve been writing in my mind most of my life, so that always seems ideal.. But seriously, I think any place that allows you to hear whatever is going on inside. I seem to write a lot of my raw thoughts and notes in bed. When I need to finish a bigger thing, like a book, it’s easier to set up somewhere that doesn’t have the usual daily distractions of home. It could be a cafe, cottage, office or someone else’s home. Somewhere you can take walks between focused writing sessions. My dream is a cabin somewhere in the mountains near water.
4. You create with lot of different kinds of tools and people – what would be your ideal setting for a new work?

This is a huge question! I love to work with people who have mastered disciplines or skillsets different from mine, but who stay curious and eager to grow, so we can learn from each other as much as possible. Right now I’m working on a book with a world-class pioneer in mindfulness. It’s mind-blowing to watch and listen to someone who has decades of experience in noticing the movements of their mind-body and treating them with kindness. That awareness is something I really value, respect and work on myself, too. (I wish everyone would.)

So the setting always begins with people and the rest is created together. I’m fascinated by directing video work now and looking forward to learning from different professionals through it, whether it’s dance, music, poetry, documentary or something entirely different. I’d also like to learn more about making VR experiences. There are worlds in my mind waiting to be created and I thought for a long time that they’d surely be books. But I think they need to be born through a new combination of channels and tools that allow me to combine the skills and experience that only I have.

5. What moves you right now?

The indescribable, inexpressible, unutterable (I love these words) because it’s a challenge. Paradoxically, at the moment, I’m most moved by allowing myself to be with and feel whatever is. Practicing to give space to the state where I’m not trying to change or fix anything, just noticing. It’s harder than it sounds. Of course, it’s an ancient and life-long practice.

On a different level: cats, coffee, and honest conversations move me. As well as the astonishment I feel when I look at what’s happening in the world and realize that despite the apparent stupidity of human beings, we have managed to build civilizations, communities, cultures, and create all this amazing art, science and technology for centuries. How is that even possible?

6.  Do you consider something as a taboo for a story or a theme in a video work at this period of time?

Oh, sure! Every culture has their taboos, and stories are a great way to open them up. With my first book, for example, the driving force was that we didn’t see enough public conversation about learning from failure, so we wanted to nudge it by sharing Finnish influencers’ failure stories – showing that it’s okay to talk about it.

I don’t think much about intentionally breaking taboos with what I do and make now, but I sometimes ask myself: What are the things I feel like I could never say, write or express? It’s a powerful question. I think it was one of the questions that led me to explore femininity and the norms and taboos around being a woman. Many of them have been broken in the past few years, thankfully, but globally (and internally!) there’s tons of work to do. I’ve dabbled in the waters of the fierce/angry feminine, studying the Kali-like powers of creation and destruction, and those themes will probably fascinate and pour through me as long as we have a hard time understanding that consciousness, loving gentleness and raw head-dropping fierceness can coexist (and that they do, and they must). We need more Little Mys, Lisbeth Salanders, and Shuris for that.


7. What makes this particular time special for you as an artist?

I feel like transformative times like these hold a special call for us sensitive beings, the introverts, the quiet misfits and hidden rebellious souls to surface and release their wisdom and seeing into the world. Because this time shows us clearly that the loud, aggressive, overly masculine ideals we’ve nurtured for a long time haven’t worked that well for the whole. Luckily there are more ways and channels to express and publish through than ever before. It creates opportunities for a lot of different thinkers and makers, and we all benefit. (I have a lot of respect for the word ’artist’ and feel like I haven’t earned it at all, but thank you, and maybe this way of thinking is just one of the many skins that could already be shed.)

8. Do you have any tips for this autumn in Helsinki?

Even though there’s the growing (magnificent) opportunity to stay home and do all the hygge things, I still try to go out for long walks by the sea and really take in all the light, color, fragrance and life that will be mostly hidden under darkness during the winter months. It’s free, good for you on many levels (says science), takes you out of the vortex of screens and sometimes results in a wild gush of new ideas.

IG: @tuutipiippo

Here’s something we did together last month:

Katti Meu – Ei Kenenkään



August Inspo


Every end of the month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


This gorgeous one is definitely one of my favourite techno heads in the whole wide world. Although we first met in the dance studio – actually in a ballet class! – we found our deeper connection through the music we both love: techno.  Nowadays we have our meetings in the sauna and we also organise YOGA UG, a yoga sessions in a club to the techno music she plays live and I facilitate, together in various events with something new always bubbling under. If you haven’t heard her play yet – now it’s definitely the time!

Elisa Kaivanto DJ Eikai | DJ, producer


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

I’m Elisa Kaivanto, people might also know me by my dj alias Eikai. I started djing back in 2013 quite soon after I heard a mind blowing set by Maya Jane Coles at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. I’ve been a huge lover of electronic music since early 2000’s, but somehow the energy I got from that gig encouraged me to finally move behind the decks too. I play mainly hypnotic, atmospheric and loud techno at my club gigs but I am also a big admirer of dub techno and ambient. Therefore I am really pleased to have a chance to play also these genres at Yoga UG sessions. I’ve recently focused on producing my own music and of course constantly searching new inspirational tracks to play. On top of this I also try to work and study simultaneously so my life is quite full of things at the moment. Still loving it though!

2. What made you fall in love with techno?
I think it all started at Koneisto 2003. Before that I had listened to all kinds of electronic music and gone to some parties but this was the first electronic music festival I went to. I totally fell in love with the rave culture and I felt that I belong here with all these people, dancing. I think I fell in love with the freedom that the music made me feel. Rave culture is all about love and respect and accepting people as they are, you can step onto the dance floor and you don’t have to hide anything, there are no rules, you can be yourself and no one will judge you. Techno is something that people share together. Dancing for hours to a hypnotic rhythm is also a purifying experience. Later I fell in love with the underground techno culture, I think Entropy’s UV/UG 2004 underground party at Telakka Studios was a certain milestone here. I fell in love with the atmosphere of dark and smoky warehouses, flashing strobes, music banging all around you. As a musical genre techno is close to my heart with its dark rhythm and trippy, hypnotic feeling. It makes me feel alive. I even remember saying to my friends sometime back in 2006 that good techno is a reason to live. 
3. Sounds that you choose to play feel sometimes very physical, what does body and movement mean to you?
Body and movement mean everything to me, I am a very physical person. Dance has played a huge role in my life since early age and I instantly start to feel bad if I don’t move. I actually was dedicated to become a professional dancer back in 2004 but things did not go as planned. Luckily you can do it in other ways and you do not have to be a professional to be able to dance. In my music I usually select tunes based on what the tune makes me feel. Many times the feeling I’m after is to make me want to move my body. I guess that’s why the music sounds physical. 
4. What has been your favourite gig?

Shit, this is a tough one! Every gig has its unique feeling and they all are special in their own way. But if I have to name one, I think my favourite one was at a HYTKY underground party in Cirko at Suvilahti in March 2017. It was an early morning set and the ravers were all warmed up, Cirko was crowded and people were dancing and cheering and smiling throughout my set. It made me feel happy and I had so much fun.

5. What is the status on female DJs and producers in techno scene? Is there platforms for female talent nowadays? 
I think this has gone waaaaaay more forward during these years I have been active. Loads of  new talented female artists have emerged in techno scene and in all other electronic music scenes as well. This has definitely been an era of female artists. There has been vivid discussion about discrimination and misogynism throughout the electronic music scene recently and I think it has pushed things forward. Big and small clubs and festivals want to promote visibility of female artists and help them to stand out and give them equal opportunities. So yes, there are platforms and the status of female DJs and producers has never been better. Nevertheless, sometimes I get irritated that it has to be underlined which sex you are. I hope there will be a time when the sex of an artist isn’t the discriminating factor. I hope everyone would concentrate on the music, not the looks or sex of the dj/producer.
6. What would be your dream gig?
In Berghain! Jesus, no. I love the club though but I think I would not have the guts to play a gig there.  Hmm, since I love underground more than big techno clubs i think my dream gig would be at a 90’s inspired proper rave underground party in a huge abandoned warehouse with a powerful PA, huge smoke machines, beautiful visuals, strobes and loads of good DJs, VJs and likeminded people. 

7. What’s coming up next for you?

We will celebrate the first birthday party of Yoga Ug in September at Merikerho which is really cool! There’s also something special coming up in November but I can’t yet tell more on that since it is not official yet. I’ll update things on my artist page at Facebook so stay tuned! 

Recommendations of something inspiring for this autumn transition?

I find the transition between summer and autumn very inspirational and I usually get more energy to immerse myself in new things. There is a certain calmness in that feeling when the summer is officially over and it’s time to focus on the coming winter and the projects that come with it. For gaining inspiration and energy for winter I recommend to go to see a good movie (at Riviera Cinema Bar of course!), make an excursion to a city near you (Turku or Tampere are my favourites of the major ones), eat good food, drink good wine and enjoy autumn colors. This has also been an epic year partywise since some of the biggest techno organisations are turning 25 years this year. So if you are planning an autumn trip to Turku, I recommend you not to miss the XXV party of X-Rust organization at Kåren in October. X-Rust is one of the most legendary techno organizations in Finland so the party will certainly be off the hook!