This is a landscape for artists/makers/doers/thinkers/concepts/happenings that are currently giving me life and motivation as an artist. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


My intuition pulled me towards her and after that nothing was the same. She’s an alchemist, maker and magician. I met her in the MODULE she invited me to be part of this summer and after that we’ve had mind altering talks about dance, art, movement, alchemy, energy and the universe – which I know will transform to something greater as we go on. She’s an inspiration and I’ve never worked with anyone who uses language as delicately as she does. Words she spills out creates realities like utopias. To be carried with the energy of her precisely picked sentences is like wondering in a dream space where everything makes sense and yet is still unknown. As she held the space for us to dive in she carved us a platform to die and be reborn again. A whole another level of my own artistic journey began in that residency/laboratory and I’m forever grateful for her. If you don’t know her and her work yet – it’s about time!


Sidra Bell | dancer, dance maker, pedagogue


1. Who are you?

I am Sidra Bell. I am a dancer first, pedagogue and maker based in NYC. Born and raised in New York City, my mission is to integrate various models of practice into community based programs.

2. How would you describe your practice?

My practice is consistent but playful. I need to enjoy and love the process/people to be truly inspired. It is a collaborative and circular room.

3. What are you currently inspired by – what moves you?

I am vested in developing languages and understandings that many communities connect through.

4. How did you gravitate towards dance and movement to become your medium as a creator and maker?

Dance and visual art was my medium growing up. I was an introvert. I am attracted to shaping form in space and looking at the body as a site within the larger environment.

5. What other ways do you use in a creative process?

In a process I move first and use the process of emulation. From early on in the process I am considering the site that the work will take place at. This gives me a great deal of information on the way I would like the work to engage with the witnesses.

6. About the MODULE – so what is it exactly?

MODULE is a community experiment and invites curious movers of all backgrounds to become stakeholders in a durational process. The process can be unique every day and does not have to refer to the past. 

7. Does your work as a choreographer and as a facilitator intertwine somehow?

Yes. Everything spills into each role that I play. I don’t distinguish between my roles and tasks. I bring all of me wherever I go.

8. You hold space for people so beautifully in those platforms like the MODULE – what called you to work like that?

I have been facilitating in many international programs (theater and dance) and alongside like-minded artists. MODULE is a platform for me to isolate my practice and to introduce artists to a residency environment that follows my guidance. Patience is primary, failing is necessary. Pursuing the unknown is critical. This is something I’ve carried with me from my family upbringing and education.

9. As artists we are transforming all the time – are you shifting right now?

Shifting is constant but the degrees of movement vary. I am not as interested in big movements right now but taking in everything more slowly and with an investment in joy and compassion.

10. Where will you travel next with your process?

This fall I will be in New York City, Indiana, Seattle and Slovenia.

11. Do you have any recommendations if in NYC right now?

The Playground NYC for affordable research classes.

All of the seasonal stages around NYC that offer free concerts of dance and music.


Cover photo: Genna Baroni
Profile photo: David Flores
Photos in mosaics: Umi Akiyoshi Photography & Steven Pisano Photography