PLATFORM & SPACESHIP |  MEU (former Katti Meu)

This is the home of a Finnish multidisciplinary artist and dance maker Katja-Maria Taavitsainen (they/them). Graduated from Theater Academy of Helsinki their strong back ground in movement and somatic techniques carries their practice through interdisciplinary and intergalactic dialogues where different makers, alchemists meet and create future together. Born in Kajaani, lived in Helsinki, Berlin, Singapore, Bangkok and currently working in different places but mainly based in Berlin. This is their movement, a sharing and a dream space. It’s a platform of art, movement and music. You’ll find their latest works, songs, collaborations, writings, talks and info of their upcoming workshops, performances and late nite gigs all in here. Feel free to join, you are invited!





Photo: Roza Coco Ahmad

MUAH: Karoliina Viinikari

Logo: Miika Saksi