MEUOMENTUM: Kimmo Alakunnas

We met at 2004 when we were both applying to study dance in Theater Academy of Helsinki. We got in – and instantly became like partners in crime. He was my shoulder to cry, laugh, fight and lean on the whole six year long journey through graduating as choreographers from the same Academy we once applied in on 2010. Also that we did together, the becoming Masters of Arts. Then we went in our own ways, still sending weekly memes and gossips to each other. I really missed him those years a part. He went on building his dance film career, acting on multiple theaters, creating his practice and also studying international business. When he asked me to work with him on his upcoming piece I didn’t need to think twice. I don’t know what I’ve missed the most – working and creating with him or just playing, laughing our asses off and goofing around with him anyway now we are reunited again. We are currently premiering with his new choreography “Pohjanpalo/The Base of the Fire” in Turku. The premier is tomorrow (5.4.2019 Tehdas Theater, Turku) and we’ve been working with it the whole spring. He was the first to ask me to come and participate as a professional dancer (ever) in his piece and in a way changed my life quite delicately. His courage, vulnerability, messy creativeness and ridiculously dark humor has always inspired me. It’s a treasure to have those people in your life who you can be completely yourself with and they don’t judge you no matter what. We’ve cried, laughed, fought, made up, got wasted, danced and created together since 2004 and I really hope we’ll continue to do so. If you don’t know his work yet come to see us tomorrow or get to know him HERE:


Kimmo Alakunnas | dancer, choreographer, actor, dance film director


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

I’m a messy choreographer and dancer and my passion is in the dance film field. I’m also a chairman in Loikka dance film festival in Helsinki and we are the only festival in Finland that is specialized to dance films. I have worked in city theaters and travelled around the Europe with my dance art and teaching programs.


2. How would you describe yourself as an artist?

My focus has always been in directing movement to individual and intimate direction and as a choreographer I give dancers a change to work with their own personal experience and movement knowledge into a chosen direction and theme. I’d love the performer to live the movement in a moment and to explore him or herself now in this particular moment. I want the performer to have the courage to show who they really are, not just to show how pro they are with their body movement and techniques. Dancing is for every age and body type and it’s a whole life journey to yourself.

3. What moves you and what makes you wanna create?

I want to study humanity and connection between us. What makes us humans and how we evolve in the future?  I love art in every form and shape and my ideas to my own art might emerge from visual arts, music, fashion, human relationships or from the nature. A rock whispers me: ”I’m not a rock what you’re watching. Open your eyes, dummy.”


4. What made you begin to work with dance/movement and film?

I am very visual in my art and I fell in love to a magical realism, which can be described as my work in general. In film you can play with reality and antirealism in many different ways and you can see inside performers head and heart. Viscera is fascinating.


5. What is your favourite dance film?

I love dance films and especially short artsy ones. I have seen a lot in our dance film festival and some of what I’ve seen has left a void in my heart – like “Intrinsic Moral Evil” (dir. Harm Weistra, Netherlands) and “Off Ground” (dir. Boudewijn Koole, Netherlands). I’m also a musical lover so old Hollywood films are evergreen. You can’t get more antirealist than the reality in Hollywood production. Or in USA in general.

6. You’ve already worked quite a while as a multi-artist – what kind of challenges you’ve find and maybe also won along the way?

Bitch better have my money, gurl. It is hard to do Contemporary art in a mainstream world, But it’s even harder to get someone to finance it. We are losing talent and time when we say that art is too expensive. You can’t buy that ice latte without using someones art (*sips some tea and giving double eyeS closing signifiCUNTly*).

7. What are you working with currently?

I’m working on my new dance piece “Pohjanpalo/The Base of The Fire” with my ridiculously talented coworker Katti Meu. The piece is premiered in Tehdas teatteri, Turku and it’s about our relationship to the Nordic nature. How light inspires us but also what is the nature of humans? The work is a collaboration between movement, film, light and music. It’s quite physical so we shall have to werk it!

8. What is your next move?

I’m gonna go and see the spring and fall in love. Again. Then I might write something or just chill and wait if I win a lottery ( and by that I mean grant to a new art piece).
9. Any recommendations to get inspired during this transition from winter to spring?
Bish, go out! Don’t stay inside anymore. See people, show them your eye bags and bad hair day. Take an ice latte and watch how nature is waking up. If you can’t afford ice latte, go get a job.
Cover photo: Niko Räty

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