February 2019 Inso of the month


Every month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


This power house and soul on fire is a perfect example why I’m convinced that we’ll have hope for the future. She makes fierce and vulnerability coexist so easily. A golden example and inspiration how to be active and still let yourself feel through the process, how to be personal but still understand the power and value of community, how to be the voice and still human in all its beauty. It’s the honesty in her that moves me, it makes me wanna tap into my own inner power and join forces. We need creative, limitless minds like her to lit the fire in all of us and start working our way towards a better, more compassionate, inclusive and equal future. If you don’t know her yet – now is the time!


Ajak Majok | dancer, dance teacher, creative mind, writer, activist, politician


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

My name is Ajak Majok, and I’m a freelancer at creative fields, and I do some “real work” as a salesperson. This means I dance, teach dance, create fashion, do Stand up, and write. Oh and I do some politics, hopefully more in the future.


2. What made you fall in love with dance?

Love for the movement of the body, and the rhythm of the beat made me fall in love with dance. I was raised as Sudanese as possible growing up in Finland. Which meant never ending parties quite too often, and dancing all the time. Everywhere. Dance is the way my people live and express love for life, so it has always been a love of my life in a sense.

3. How does dance and activism work together in your everyday life?

I describe activism to myself as a series of acts towards an ethically shared goal. The core thing about activism, to me, is never ending movement. An effort to not stay still, in whichever non desired structural behavior or so, but not to stay still. To me dance is the same. Dance is movement of the body, the spirit, emotions, and/or the sound. Nowadays politics occupy most of my time, so I’t has become my way of being an activist. Whenever – which is every hour and a half or so, my body starts to ache I “cure” it by dancing a little. It gets my energy flowing and it gives me the power to keep acting towards a better future for us.


4. What made you activate in the politics?

Too much injustice that I saw being inflicted on people through political decisions. I’m talking about putting people in the second degree level of education, in an unequal position because of massive budget cuts on mainly vocational studies. I’m talking cruel racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia – in the parliament with massive affects on us, but non to very little to the perpetrators. It’s quite dark to say, but anger activated me. But it is hope that makes me want to keep acting, hope and the trust in all of us that we can do better. And when we just get the silenced and the allies to find their voices and use it, we will rise.


5. How would you describe yourself as a politician?

Intense. There is a funny story behind this; I attended a public debate a few days ago, and someone from my team told me afterwards ” Ajak you nailed it, everybody could see all your emotions and micro aggression from your face, but that’s you and it was awesome!” It’s funny because in my head I restrained myself, and kept a pokerface the whole time. But yeah. When I speak about something it means a shit ton to me, and I’ll go through rain and storm to make a change on the matters I am passionate about.

6. What kind of futuropia would you dream of?

My futuropia is intersectional AF. It’s very simple; in my futuropia everybody are respected for who and what they are, humans animals and nature. Everybody has all the necessities of a good life, and there is no gazillionaires. For me personally, I could dream of the things that I want to do in life, without having to think about the most violent – non stop bullshit of my life, racism. It’s a bit sad that it’s so simple.

7. What gives you lyfe right now?

Rants give me LYFE! I love ranting, and expressing myself in a such bold way. Also memes. Always memes. This intro about me has been a bit on the sad and dark side, but really I’m quite full of joy most of the time. That is because I rant all the shit away. Also sometimes I use a lot of curse words. Do as I say, not as I do kids 😄 And once more – memes.

8. Any good tips to survive the cold in Helsinki?

This is hella unprofessional and I think I’m breaking all of the unwritten rules of politics- that I don’t know of yet. But whenever I’m feeling a little chilly, I listen to the National Coalition parties outputs. Heats up my blood real good. As I’m writing this our minister of interior – form Kokoomus, is planning on re-colonizing Africa with most of the other EU partners. I’m writing an intense and looong rant about it so people will see- or not, why I say what I say.
Cover photo: @shoothayley
Profile photo: Remu Karhulahti

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