December 2018 inspo



Every month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


For years I’ve wanted to vocalise more about the people I get to work with now and in my past. I’ve wanted give back, give shout outs and credit for the hard work and effort these people have given me when we’ve co-created some amazing shit and made magic happen. We are living in a time where everything goes pass so quickly. Things we work with takes so much energy and time and when they are released in our collective realm it’s just a flicker and they are gone. It’s easy to forget how much it takes to create and make things happen. All content have serious (wo)man power behind them. Even when we’re stuffed with info and inspos – all of it still has someones heart and soul pressed in it – the music we listen, photos we gather in our dream boards, videos and films we watch, books/articles/poems we read all of them are made by someone and usually with a lot of energy, time, heart and soul. And when talked about heart and soul – this dude is all that. We are almost sister and brother, we share a long history with many many stories but it was just two years ago that we actually started working together. Since that I’ve had the privilege to get to know the artistic side of him. He’s a true visionary, silent wizard and one of the most hard working creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of know and work with. Things he makes resonates far and because of his humbleness you might have missed that what moved you, stuck with you and inspired you was actually from this ones heart and soul. If you don’t know his work yet – the time is now!

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Jukka Moisio | cinematographer, film artist, director


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

Who am I? Many things, depending on the point of view. I’m working mostly as a freelance cinematographer on commercials, but sometimes on music videos, short films, documentaries or on video art. I also now and then direct music videos and commercials. I have also worked with TV productions, feature films and in production companies as a lighting technician, gaffer, editor and assistant camera in the early days of my career. I took small steps forward after I graduated and moved from Tampere to Helsinki. Five years ago I moved to Stockholm and a few years later moved back to Helsinki. This autumn I started as a entrepreneur and now work with different production companies in various short-term projects.  If I put it in few words; I love films – short, feature, documentary, art, commercial and music films – film in all variations!


2. What made you fell in love with film?

I’ve always felt big feelings through what I see and hear. I’ve always been quite bad at addressing my thoughts and feelings verbally and seen them visually clear in my head. So it’s been a good way  to communicate some things through film and also visualize what I read or hear. I go through so many feelings when I watch movies and videos. I feel it’s a safe place to process different feelings on the other side of the screen, also the bad ones.


3. What is your ideal setting for film making?

When there’s a good story; an idea or a vision, the setting is what suits to that. There isn’t a setting that fits to everything. And sometimes a setback can be a good accident and you can turn it to your advantage.  I like working with good people, who are passionate and ready to learn new things and that’s the ideal setting, because film making is always teamwork and when you’ve got a good team everything will work out great!


4. What has been the most ground breaking piece you’ve ever seen?

I can’t name just one. I’ve seen so many mind blowing movies in my life and nowadays I feel impressed and mind blown by some music videos and commercials. Latest piece that gave me a wow-moment was Rosalía – Malamente music video from the director collective named CANADA. Also director duo and artist The Blaze have done some great pieces and Hiro Murai never fails, his latest work “This is America” is great in many ways.


5. How important is music and sound to you as a visual artist?

Music is lyfe!!! I love music and I’m fanatic.
I like to use a lot of sounds in my videos and use editors that do that as well. That’s always really important in film and using sound and music or silence is as important in film than the visual part of it.


6. What is your next move?

My new entrepreneurship is my priority number one at the moment in work and I’m looking forward to new projects.


7. Any recommendations how to survive this darkness upon us right now?

Watch movies, go see art, go abroad and meet friends and share your feelings with them. And also changing everyday routines gives me energy and inspiration to do things.



Katti Meu – Viisaus



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