August Inspo


Every end of the month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


This gorgeous one is definitely one of my favourite techno heads in the whole wide world. Although we first met in the dance studio – actually in a ballet class! – we found our deeper connection through the music we both love: techno.  Nowadays we have our meetings in the sauna and we also organise YOGA UG, a yoga sessions in a club to the techno music she plays live and I facilitate, together in various events with something new always bubbling under. If you haven’t heard her play yet – now it’s definitely the time!

Elisa Kaivanto DJ Eikai | DJ, producer


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?

I’m Elisa Kaivanto, people might also know me by my dj alias Eikai. I started djing back in 2013 quite soon after I heard a mind blowing set by Maya Jane Coles at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. I’ve been a huge lover of electronic music since early 2000’s, but somehow the energy I got from that gig encouraged me to finally move behind the decks too. I play mainly hypnotic, atmospheric and loud techno at my club gigs but I am also a big admirer of dub techno and ambient. Therefore I am really pleased to have a chance to play also these genres at Yoga UG sessions. I’ve recently focused on producing my own music and of course constantly searching new inspirational tracks to play. On top of this I also try to work and study simultaneously so my life is quite full of things at the moment. Still loving it though!

2. What made you fall in love with techno?
I think it all started at Koneisto 2003. Before that I had listened to all kinds of electronic music and gone to some parties but this was the first electronic music festival I went to. I totally fell in love with the rave culture and I felt that I belong here with all these people, dancing. I think I fell in love with the freedom that the music made me feel. Rave culture is all about love and respect and accepting people as they are, you can step onto the dance floor and you don’t have to hide anything, there are no rules, you can be yourself and no one will judge you. Techno is something that people share together. Dancing for hours to a hypnotic rhythm is also a purifying experience. Later I fell in love with the underground techno culture, I think Entropy’s UV/UG 2004 underground party at Telakka Studios was a certain milestone here. I fell in love with the atmosphere of dark and smoky warehouses, flashing strobes, music banging all around you. As a musical genre techno is close to my heart with its dark rhythm and trippy, hypnotic feeling. It makes me feel alive. I even remember saying to my friends sometime back in 2006 that good techno is a reason to live. 
3. Sounds that you choose to play feel sometimes very physical, what does body and movement mean to you?
Body and movement mean everything to me, I am a very physical person. Dance has played a huge role in my life since early age and I instantly start to feel bad if I don’t move. I actually was dedicated to become a professional dancer back in 2004 but things did not go as planned. Luckily you can do it in other ways and you do not have to be a professional to be able to dance. In my music I usually select tunes based on what the tune makes me feel. Many times the feeling I’m after is to make me want to move my body. I guess that’s why the music sounds physical. 
4. What has been your favourite gig?

Shit, this is a tough one! Every gig has its unique feeling and they all are special in their own way. But if I have to name one, I think my favourite one was at a HYTKY underground party in Cirko at Suvilahti in March 2017. It was an early morning set and the ravers were all warmed up, Cirko was crowded and people were dancing and cheering and smiling throughout my set. It made me feel happy and I had so much fun.

5. What is the status on female DJs and producers in techno scene? Is there platforms for female talent nowadays? 
I think this has gone waaaaaay more forward during these years I have been active. Loads of  new talented female artists have emerged in techno scene and in all other electronic music scenes as well. This has definitely been an era of female artists. There has been vivid discussion about discrimination and misogynism throughout the electronic music scene recently and I think it has pushed things forward. Big and small clubs and festivals want to promote visibility of female artists and help them to stand out and give them equal opportunities. So yes, there are platforms and the status of female DJs and producers has never been better. Nevertheless, sometimes I get irritated that it has to be underlined which sex you are. I hope there will be a time when the sex of an artist isn’t the discriminating factor. I hope everyone would concentrate on the music, not the looks or sex of the dj/producer.
6. What would be your dream gig?
In Berghain! Jesus, no. I love the club though but I think I would not have the guts to play a gig there.  Hmm, since I love underground more than big techno clubs i think my dream gig would be at a 90’s inspired proper rave underground party in a huge abandoned warehouse with a powerful PA, huge smoke machines, beautiful visuals, strobes and loads of good DJs, VJs and likeminded people. 

7. What’s coming up next for you?

We will celebrate the first birthday party of Yoga Ug in September at Merikerho which is really cool! There’s also something special coming up in November but I can’t yet tell more on that since it is not official yet. I’ll update things on my artist page at Facebook so stay tuned! 

Recommendations of something inspiring for this autumn transition?

I find the transition between summer and autumn very inspirational and I usually get more energy to immerse myself in new things. There is a certain calmness in that feeling when the summer is officially over and it’s time to focus on the coming winter and the projects that come with it. For gaining inspiration and energy for winter I recommend to go to see a good movie (at Riviera Cinema Bar of course!), make an excursion to a city near you (Turku or Tampere are my favourites of the major ones), eat good food, drink good wine and enjoy autumn colors. This has also been an epic year partywise since some of the biggest techno organisations are turning 25 years this year. So if you are planning an autumn trip to Turku, I recommend you not to miss the XXV party of X-Rust organization at Kåren in October. X-Rust is one of the most legendary techno organizations in Finland so the party will certainly be off the hook!



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