So ended my first ever official residency here in Helsinki. Actually it was my first arts residency ever anywhere. I’m a bit late bloomer with these things. Usually I just go somewhere on my own, meet people, start to collabo with them and pray to God some money will do appearance on some point. Some how it has always worked out but I feel that these already existing and organised residencies serve a purpose. It really feels different to concentrate on something in a specific space that is designed just to do that. And nothing has to finish there, you don’t need to reach any point just yet. You can just try, fail, learn, experiment, gather people to share and try out your findings if you feel like it or just sit with your ideas until they start to move you and develop – all at their own time.

Two weeks went by in a heart beat. But I already knew when I started the working period what will be the stuff I’ll focus on now. I just needed the space to land my spaceship. So I named the space as “BRUJASPACE” and I think I’ll continue with that name ’cause it really resonates with me. It’s a space where some sort of magic is happening. And so it did. I got to present my first showing of a solo work that I’m currently busy with “FEMALIEN | experiment I” and it was scary. I haven’t done any solo work since 2013 and in Finland after I graduated as choreographer. The night before the demo I almost called it off. I was sure I didn’t have the guts to go through it. It was too late to cancel so I just had to suck it up and do it. And I’m glad I did. I think this one really might be something special. The creature I created in that space was something else. From all the energies I’ve got to channel for a performance or for some other purpose this was easily my favourite one. I’m happy I get to continue with the creature this autumn some more – next in Berlin, then in Norway, after that in Urbanapa Helsinki again and then NYC. The premier of the work will be in December at Forum Box, Helsinki. I hope to see you somewhere on the road and share this experiment with you!

I also got to facilitate a spoken word and sound evening and I named it “LOITSUKLUBI” like club for spells & magick. The idea started with my dear friend over the phone – we both love words and writing. She is a poet and we were dreaming about a night with raw and honest words, maybe some techno, definitely wine. So the concept was born. And last Wednesday the BRUJASPACE was filled with amazing and talented dreamers. I was so overly inspired and moved by the energy people brought in to the space. There is definitely magic in sharing words, in sharing stories and this human experience. It’s like sharing life. The connection was real. We need these kinds of spaces and places where people can come and remember that they belong. We are all human, we are all magic.

And speaking of magic, last but definitely not least I got to facilitate the space for some serious movement alchemy! In my practice I’ve started to use this task called “alchemy of the body” where I play with energies – channeling and molding them with movement and let them create inner worlds to travel in. I think dance and moving in general is kind of like the work of an alchemists. When you move energy flows and changes. To get very specific with that work gets you even more in tune what is going on inside your bodymindsoul and how you wish to mold it. How it changes and also molds you in movement. The journey with this has only just begun but I hope that soon again I get to call all the alchemists together again and play! Until then here’s some pictures from these weeks.

Thank You, Asemalabra for this opportunity! Thanks all the co-creators and participants – my fellow dreamers!

Next up Berlin – GALAXY LAB is coming to you!



“FEMALIEN | Experiment I” Photo: Tuuti Piippo


Alchemists at work, “Movement Magick” open space


image3 (1).jpeg

image1 (1).jpeg


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