Every end of the month I’ll present an artist/maker/doer/thinker/concept/happening that gives me lyfe right now. I hope you’ll find something new here or something that resonates. If you have something cooking and you want to participate I’m always open for recommendations and dialogue! Sharing is caring.


I had the pleasure of working with this queen. She’s the capturer of the photos on this site. Visionary, multitalent and fierce are the first words that comes to mind when thinking of her and her work. I can’t get enough how she represents the art of voguing and how fearlessly she makes bodies, movement and communities visual. She has a certain kind of magick to see beyond the person she’s working with and her eye for colours is out of this world. If you haven’t heard about her yet now is the time!

Roza Coco Ahmad | dancer, choreographer, photographer, DJ


1. Who are you and watcha doin’?
My name is Roza Ahmad aka Coco. I’m 30 years old born and raised in Finland but my roots are from Iraq, Kurdistan. I’m woman of quite many talents if i can say so LOL!
Entrepreneur, dancer, choreographer, photographer! One of my newest hobby is djing. Plus i have 9-5 day job. I wish i had more hours in a day! Too many things to do and accomplish.
2. What is your fav project that you’ve been working on or worked with recently?
My favorite project (which is still going on) so far is to take pictures of European Ballroom scene. That’s where my passion is, dancing and especially in Voguing. It gives me LYFE and that’s one of the reasons why i wan’t to give back to my community. Taking pictures of these amazing dancers gives me pure joy.
I would like to have my own exhibition some day somewhere in Europe. That is my main goal at the moment.
I also like to organize events. I’ve been actually working on couple of concepts with my husband Joni and our close friends. I really enjoy doing that too!
3. What gives you life right now?
I have to say my husband Joni gives me LYFE every single day! He supports me, inspires me and takes care of me. Without him i wouldn’t be the Roza or the Coco i am today.
Love you babes ❤
4. What are the challenges of being a ”multi-artist”?
TIME! i really enjoy everything that i do at the moment. Even my 9-5 job is something i enjoy doing. So it get’s quite hard sometimes cuz when i finnish with my ”real job” i feel like my second shift starts immediately. So basically i work 12h from monday till saturday. Too bad i’m getting old and my body sometimes disagrees with me 😉 so sometimes i’ll have to rest in between. You can call me Ms. workaholic 😉 Okei!! Bye!
5. What would be your dream work in the future?
If i could choose my dream job would definitely be something relatated with Nike. I know it’s totally different from what i’m doing at the moment but I’ve kinda always wanted to work with them but never had the opportunity or the time to do actually something about it.
But if i get back to this reality ahah 🙂 I would love to continue doing these things that i’m doing at the moment and meet a lot of amazing people on the way. I’m really happy where i am at the moment.
6. Any music/podcast/book/happenings recommendations for the summer?
Here are some events i’ll be attending this summer =)



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