Lately I’ve found myself working with feminine energy and questions that rises from the topic. I’ve been spending time just trying to recognise that energy in myself and in my surroundings. I’ve made some sense practices and tried to made some connections between my personal bodily sensations and what I know and what is written about the subject through out time. And let’s make it clear in the first place and articulate this before I continue any further that what I mean by “feminine energy” in the context of this text and in my up coming performative research is not gender based. In this context it has nothing do with the sex of a person – I’m concentrating only in that energy part. I’ve come to realise that feminine and masculine as a life force are still used in our society and how we as a collective talk of the subject very limitedly. It’s almost always somehow connected to the gender and for that it is made political instantly. We talk fairly lightly about “divine feminine” in exclusive women-circles and “fragile masculine” when we want to point out patriarchal constructions or results of such (usually using alleged male examples) and so it’s almost always somehow based on “men and women”. That gives very little room for any other interpretations of the whole subject with all its layers and tones let alone any other possibilities of existing as an fluid “energy being”.

Why I’m interested of it right now might be purely personal but I’ve seen it spill also in my work as an artist and also in my work as a facilitator. I’m working on a new solo piece (dance and performance art based) which will be the first part of a trilogy. The whole trilogy revolves around this same question. What is femininity? How does it emerge in all of us regardless of our gender, body history, status or spiritual beliefs? What does that certain kind of energy feel like? How do we mould it as humans? How does it translate to us and how does it translate in our human experience? Codes our bodies and thought systems? And what does it evoke in us?

Until now I have zero answers and gazillion questions. That is the best ground to plant new seeds. Always when this happens –  when the questions starts to pour in – I know that I’m touching something relevant. That there is something to dig in, even though it would be only a feeling. That is intuition at its best. They say intuition is a feminine power in all of us no matter the gender. Who ever “they” are I think they’re right. Intuition surely is a super power. How to harness that power is the tricky part. For me writing, sound and movement are the most natural ways to get in contact with that power. Today I chose writing. And like with this intuitive blog post, which in my mind started out as a totally different topic, I try to gather that power also in my up coming research. The research will be performative because I’m working with movement, body and presentation in it. The first public gathering of this research will be in August so if you’re interested to come and see where I am at with this then and if you feel like it might resonate stay tuned and join!

As a facilitator I’m also organising a workshop in this heartful, urban festival, Magnesia Festival on 3rd of August and I named the workshop “DIVINITYOGA”. For me the content of the workshop is finding new perspectives to move and feel the body moving in a basic bodymind -movement. How to embody and mould energy in movement? What kind of energy are you carrying through movements and with that through the day? Can you change it? Does it need to change? Can you mould it, tap into it? What kind of emotions it might evoke? Can you release it if it feels heavy or stagnant? Where does your intuition lie when you move? What actually moves you? In this workshop my own research of this energy theme is from the perspective of the moving body. And by that I invite all bodies to join. If you have a body feel free to participate. ‘Cause when our bodies move everything in us move with it. For me that was a huge revelation. When I get my body in the state of a flow, all the thoughts and emotions that are for what ever reason stuck starts to move with the moving body! It’s deeply empowering. To realise that you have the power to get to the ground unknown, you get to the ground sacred – divine even – where all these hidden connections lie. I want to travel there. This practice might be one possible ride for that journey. A spaceship if you will. A tool to navigate inside to the hidden nooks of your inner energy system.

It’s funny how this text evolved. My first impulse was to write about boobs because I was lying on the floor in a sun made spot naked and I felt that I should do this more often and maybe write a song about it. Then I got up and started writing a blog post instead of a song. Didn’t quite get to the boob part of the thought. Well I guess something more relevant was on the way. Mind is a funny thing. Maybe next time it’ll be more about boobs.

Boobs or not, have a lovely Sunday!




This is my “femme and fierce” -pose. I wanted to embody the feeling of a power that feminine energy gave me the day we were shooting this photo. Espoo, 2018

Capturer of this moment: Roza Coco Ahmad

MUAH: Karoliina Viinikari

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